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Coconut oil, you certainly won't escape it

Extra virgin coconut oil
Published on 09/11/2021

Packed with saturated fat , it nevertheless carves out a place of choice in the diet-health.

Coconut oil fits she slim?   What are its benefits?  The reasons for the craze and the explanation of the paradox.

  Where does coconut oil come from?  

 Coconut oil coconut comes to us from Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa and Central America:  where  coconut grows naturally . A coconut tree produces 50 to 150 fruits per year and it takes 11 to 12 months for the fruit to mature.

 How do you get coconut oil?  

The oil   comes from the mechanical pressure of the fresh flesh , which explains why it retains a subtle taste that perfumes the dishes. It is then said that it is  virgin coconut oil ; it is bleached through carbon filters, refined - to eliminate bacteria and mold that have formed during drying in places where it is humid and hot - and finally deodorized. Like this  oil 

is most often hydrogenated, its content in  fatty acid  trans makes it less favorable for the organism and the process of  refining  makes it lose its nutrients. It is used by the food industry for industrial pastries,  confectionery and fried foods. 

 What are the benefits of coconut oil? 

What surprises with  oil de coco , it is precisely that its benefits are due to what it is criticized! Recommendations for  healthy eating  once tended to blame  saturated fatty acids  to be responsible for obesity and  cardiovascular disease. Coconut oil , despite its high content of saturated fatty acids, would on the contrary have a protective effect on the arteries and the heart, in particular thanks to its metabolization process: the body immediately uses the fat reserves, without store them. No risk of deposits which could eventually clog the arteries.

Finally, the traditional use which is made of this oil in many countries - like in India - lends itself to  coconut oil  has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Lauric acid in particular, present at 48% in coconut oil, would be effective against outbreaks of the herpes virus.

Huile de palmiste extra vierge bonne qualité
  • Extra virgin coconut oil