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  • The importance of shea butter: benefits and use in cosmetics and natural health

The importance of shea butter: benefits and use in cosmetics and natural health

Raw shea butter without mixing
Published on 20/10/2021

Made from the nuts of an emblematic West African savannah tree, shea butter has been used for centuries by local populations. Its nourishing, moisturizing and protective properties make it essential both in aromatherapy and in cosmetics. While it does belong to the large family of vegetable oils, it is solid at room temperature and melts at around 35 ° C. Latin name: Butyrospermum parkii. Part used: Almonds

 Main properties 

  •  moisturizer  : the lipid part of the butter, constituting the vast majority of this product, allows it to easily pass the skin barrier and keep the layer hydrated upper epidermis, effectively and durably.
  • healing, softening : thanks to the resinous esters which compose it, shea butter allows to soften the skin. Indeed, by passing through the skin barrier, Shea butter will nourish the skin and soften it, to make it less sensitive to external aggressions.
  •  skin protector  : used in prevention or after sunbathing, shea butter helps protect the skin against UV rays and environmental attacks. It is thanks to a variety of unsaponifiables, including karitene, that butter allows this action. 
  •  antioxidant, cell regenerator : vitamin E present in this butter has an important antioxidant role. This vitamin will provide the energy necessary for the metabolism to produce cells in large numbers, thus promoting healing and cell renewal. 

Huile de palmiste extra vierge bonne qualité
  • Raw shea butter without mixing