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Virgin peanut oil - Composition, cosmetic

Extra virgin peanut oil
Published on 14/10/2021

 Composition of peanut oil 

The composition of  vegetable oil  is strongly influenced by the production conditions. To ensure its quality, it is recommended to select  extra virgin oil , obtained by cold pressing, ideally of  organic  origin. To find out more about nutritional qualities (types of vitamins, notion of unsaturated, saturated and trans fatty acids), consult the practical guide to  vegetable oils. 

Cosmetic appearance of peanut oil 

From the point of view of its composition,  peanut vegetable oil  represents  an ally for the health of the skin . Indeed, the  omega-6  contained in peanut oil prevent skin dryness & nbsp;  and limit water loss. Vitamin E is an excellent  anti-oxidant  which protects the skin from external attacks. The proteins contained in the oil would stimulate  hair growth. 

Main cosmetic benefits  ( in cutaneous use ) Antioxidant Emollient ; Nourishing Regenerating Softening & nbsp;  and  soothing & nbsp;  cutaneous and  limits hair loss.  

Huile de palmiste extra vierge bonne qualité
  • Extra virgin peanut oil