BONNE TERRE DAFRIQUE INC presents your Afro-Canadian store of vegetable oils and butter for cosmetic use:

  • Extra virgin palm kernel oil or butter 100% natural. Fair trade
  • Made with palm kernels in the pure African tradition.
  • Very rich ingredient input for all pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic manufacturers such as perfumeries, soap factories, etc...
  • Rich ingredient input for retailers of beauty care products for body use (massage, hair, shampoos, essential oils etc..).
  • Life cycle of 2 to 5 years, stored in a dark place and at room temperature.
  • Analyzed and certified ISO by recognized laboratories.
  • Packaged according to phytosanitary requirements.


Composition of palm oil  

The composition of vegetable oil  is strongly influenced by the conditions of production. To ensure its quality, it is recommended to select  an extra virgin oil , obtained by cold pressing, ideally of biological origin. 

 The nutritional value of palm oil   is particularly questionable, in particular due to the fact that it is refined (with the exception of  oil "raw" palm ) and contains a high level of saturated fatty acids. The information relating to its composition is therefore provided for information only and turns out to be very variable depending on the quality of the oils and the transformation processes that they have undergone. To find out more about nutritional qualities (types of vitamins, notion of unsaturated, saturated and trans fatty acids), consult the practical guide to  vegetable oils. 

BONNE TERRE DAFRIQUE, Africa is in 1st line with African natural products

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