BONNE TERRE DAFRIQUE INC presents your Afro-Canadian store of vegetable oils and butter for cosmetic use:

  • 100% natural raw shea butter. Fair trade
  • Made with shea kernels in the pure African tradition.
  • Very rich ingredient input for all pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic manufacturers such as perfumeries, soap factories, etc...
  • Rich ingredient input for retailers of beauty care products for body use (massage, hair, shampoos, etc.).
  • Life cycle of 2 to 5 years, stored in a dark place and at room temperature.
  • Analyzed and certified ISO by recognized laboratories.
  • Packaged according to phytosanitary requirements.

 Which vegetable oils with shea butter? 

Raw, pure and fragrance-free shea butter, such as  raw shea butter  , can be personalized, with another  vegetable oil  like  sweet almond oil or olive oil  for example, to obtain a smoother texture that is easy to use on a daily basis. Likewise, it is possible to make a mixture of olive oil and  shea butter , in order to take care of your hair. The use of olive oil in cosmetic products is common, as it results in a smoother texture. Its high content of fatty acids and polyphenols gives it properties similar to those of shea butter: a healing and soothing power. In some countries of the Mediterranean basin, it is common to apply a few drops of olive oil directly to your body to promote healing of wounds, or to the hair as a natural hair balm.

BONNE TERRE DAFRIQUE, Africa is in 1st line with African natural products

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