Extra virgin Palm Kernel Oil 1 L

Extra virgin Palm Kernel Oil 1 L

$CAD 28.00

100% natural extra virgin palm kernel oil or butter. Fair trade

  •  Made with palm kernels in the pure African tradition.
  • Very rich ingredient input for all pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic manufacturers such as perfumeries, soap factories, etc..
  • Rich ingredient input for retailers of beauty care products for body use (massage, hair, shampoos, essential oils etc..).
  • Life cycle of 2 to 5 years, stored in a dark place and at room temperature.
  •  Analyzed and certified ISO by recognized laboratories.
  • Butter or extra virgin vegetable oil for cosmetic use

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HS 151110 - Palm oil, cruded.

HS 151190 - Palm oil and its fractions, refined but not chemically modified.Vegetable oil conforming to the following specifications and analysed using any appropriate methodology: 

(1) Saponification value between 185 and 195 

(2) Iodine value between 28 and 43 

(3) Unsaponifiable matter, up to 1.5 per cent 

(4) Free fatty acids, up to 0.1 per cent as oleic acid

 (5) Peroxide value, up to 10 equivalents/equivalents (meq/eq) 

(6) Lead, not more than 0.1 measurements per million (ppm)

 (7) Copper, not more than 0.1 measurements per million